New Majority Ready FAQ’s

What do you do?

Business strategy consulting company that specializes in helping companies realize the power of multicultural customers.

What is your service offering?

Business & Audience Strategy Consulting

  • Discovery/Fact Gathering: Assess the company’s New Majority Readiness
  • Insights: Identify growth opportunities through multicultural customers
  • Strategy: Establish growth path and create the New Majority Ready Blueprint
  • Operationalize Strategy: Help ensure conversion of strategic goals into execution and identifying the necessary resources [internal/external] for our clients to succeed

How do you do this?

We offer business strategy consulting driven by robust insights we access both through our clients’ first party data and our partnership with Zeta Global to uncover growth opportunities and create go to market strategies.

What is Zeta Global?

Zeta Global was founded in 2007 by David A. Steinberg and John Sculley with the vision that data was going to change the way marketers engage with consumers to drive successful business outcomes.

Zeta Global is a data-powered marketing technology company with access to 75+ million multicultural identities with results-driven AI [Artificial Intelligence] to unlock consumer intent, personalize experiences and drive customer acquisition, retention and growth. The Zeta Marketing Platform provides a real-time view of prospects and customers, leveraging Artificial Intelligence [AI] to create personalization in every channel at unparalleled depth and scale. Everything a marketer needs, from acquisition through retention.

How does New Majority Ready use the 75+ million identities you have access to?

The partnership of New Majority Ready and Zeta Global brings together the Art & Science of Multicultural Marketing. Zeta offers the science and the data. NMR applies the intelligence to the business strategy.

  • Qualify Multicultural consumers who are in the market for our clients’ products/services
  • Predict consumer purchase intent
  • Personalize consumer experiences to drive growth opportunities
  • Uncover trends for short and long-term business growth

Are you an agency?

No, we are not an agency. We do not do creative or buy media. We do help companies operationalize the business strategy plans we develop for them by identifying the necessary resources [internal/external] for success.

How do you staff projects?

We like to work with our clients’ structure and resources to make the process more collaborative and have their teams take ownership of the business strategy plan. We aim to go beyond developing the business strategy plan, we want to help operationalize it with both internal and external resources. Additionally, we have access to resources and create bespoke teams for each assignment.

Do you have proof of concept for your business’ value proposition?

GroupM was our charter client. We helped them elevate and transform their narrative around multicultural marketing and developed a new go-to-market approach for them to engage and activate existing and new clients. We have already seen evidence of success through client activations and net new dollars being brought into the marketplace.

What we did for them:

  • Formed a coalition of media companies with GroupM to give scale to the initiative. Members of the Coaliton are: Disney, Google, iHeart, Meredith, NBCU, Twitter, Viacom, Univision.
  • Launched an industry-facing campaign to generate awareness around GroupM’s evolved go-to-market approach around multicultural marketing.
  • Created a proprietary tool, the Cultural Maturity Framework, for GroupM to engage clients and drive the conversation around the multicultural opportunity.


  • Cultural Maturity Framework has been rolled out as a new business and client engagement tool
  • To-date, over 20 clients have been identified to take part in the initiative and there is already evidence of conversion with clients seizing the multicultural opportunity and new dollars coming into the marketplace